Are you a business coach who's struggling to market your service on social media specifically Instagram problem getting to the right audience and then creating a clear message how your coaching can help them spends a greater amount of time creating content, keeping up with the latest trends to increase your visibility hoping you can attract your ideal clients rather than doing your zone of genius which is coaching without a solid marketing strategy to reach and attract ideal clients to get consistent leads wants to focus on money-making activities and take social media or IG marketing off your plate Well, then, I can help you in 4 ways: 1. Audit your Instagram profile to see what strategies are already working on your profile, what to improve, and what to implement to get the most out of Instagram 2. Create a custom strategy for you, that would work for your own business profile, based on the audit, designed to CONSISTENTLY ATTRACT CUSTOMERS. 3. Optimize your profile to help you stand out from your competitors, attract visitors and get your profile ready to convert those visitors to leads on autopilot. 4. Lastly, implement the strategies. You see, my goal is to take out the stress, hassle, BURDEN, and time it cost you to market your services, so you can have more time to work more ON your business instead of IN it and dedicate MORE TIME to HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS. But, Disclaimer: I cannot do it alone, we would work together to achieve this. This would only be effective if you would cooperate in making this happen. This is not an overnight success. So if you're a business or life coach and this resonates with you, here are the steps on how we can start to work together. STEP 1: I will invite you for a 30 min '100% no-pitch' Discovery Call. I'll ask you some questions to know more about your business and dive deep into your struggles to know how can I help. STEP 2: After our call, I will partially audit your account and send you the custom STRATEGY DOCUMENT or we can hop on 30 min STRATEGY CALL outlining the strategies we could work to solve your business problems. STEP 3: If the strategies will resonate with you and we can see that we're a good fit, then we'll proceed on the onboarding process, where the juicy part starts to happen. Sounds great? Then, let's see how I can help! Book a Free 30min Discovery Call with me here: Rooting for you, Jeza "your IG Marketer/Partner" Arandid