The BDM Group has been providing tailored investment advice and customized portfolio strategies to achieve the financial goals of individuals, families, business owners, foundations and family trusts for over twenty years. We are straightforward, hardworking and honorable citizens of our community dedicated to client relationships built on trust. Each of these relationships begin with a personal approach to wealth management. We recognize that each of our financial journeys are unique and deserve specialized attention. Our advisors are invested in understanding your dreams and aspirations and work with you to develop a customized financial plan or course of action that will serve as the focal point to accomplishing your goals before a single investment recommendation is made. We do not see ourselves as just your advisors, rather we are your partners through this process. Our practice takes a team approach working closely with you, in addition to your trusted advisors such as CPAs and attorneys as well as collaborating with experts within our firm to help you achieve your objectives. We work with you, for you and in your best interest. Being straightforward, hardworking, honorable and focused on comprehensive financial planning is not what sets us apart. What truly sets us apart is our calculated combination of asset allocation and proactive risk management. We believe that dependable portfolio preservation and growth can be best achieved through measuring and mapping the trends in economic growth and the credit markets. Simply put, there is a time and a place for being fully invested in a particular asset category and a time not to be; and that time in the market is more impactful than timing the market. We provide a process to identify when the time is right and where to spend it. Our Focus is you Our Process is unique Our success is measured by yours