Guiding Investors on the Journey of Life Im honored to be named to the 2021 Forbes Magazine list of Americas Best-in-State Wealth Advisors. My passion for investing began at age 12 when I received a gift from my grandmother. The gift was one share of stock in her hometown bankthe company for which my deceased grandfather had served as President. When I later received a check for a small dividend, I was hooked. I determined to discover what my stock certificate was all about. I rose early each morning to retrieve the newspaper and check the price of my company. My father taught me that the certificate wasnt just a piece of paper, but represented partial ownership of a company. He also taught me about the responsibility of being a good steward of that which I had been entrusted. I began learning about business and the philosophies of the giants of investing. It was clear that being an owner of stock entailed risk, but could bring substantial long-term rewards. I learned the importance of good management and what factors might cause a companys stock price to rise or fall. At Clemson University, I had great success as a Financial Management student and graduated summa cum laude. But my passion for finance wasnt just academicit came with a growing desire to connect with people, learn their goals, and guide them to make good decisions as investors. In my 30 years of hands-on experience guiding high net worth individuals and families through complex challenges, I have found the benefits of wealth extend beyond mere finances. Resources provide opportunities to express values, assist loved ones, and live out deeply held beliefs. But there are landmines and challenges that can derail your financial journey. If you have been able to accumulate significant assets and seek a thoughtful, experienced guide for those inevitable bends in the road, please message me to set up an introductory 15-minute call.