As a fully licensed investment professional for over 30 years, James works with you to develops a holistic, comprehensive understanding of whom you are and the financial forces at work in your life. He works with The Dalton Group at Morgan Stanley to help you understand and respond effectively to these forces. He works with you to invest your assets in a way that reflects the realities of your life and the uniqueness of your long-term goals. As a Financial Advisor, James is committed to building a relationship of trust in which he can work closely with you to help you define your objectives, explore alternatives and choose the financial and investment strategies that are most appropriate for you. As our team relationship with you evolves, we hope you will come to regard us as a valued resource professionals who can help you make a more informed decision on any financial issue. James most important goal is to help you achieve your objectives; he helps provide the guidance that gets your wealth working harder for you which in turn does more for you and your family.