Jack Pysz was born and raised in Poland. He spent his childhood and teenage years playing ice hockey, including on the Polish National Team. In 2000 he came to the United States, and was thrown into the real estate world from the very beginning. Shortly after his arrival he began tirelessly investing in real estate and performing rehabs, condo conversions, and other profitable turnaround transactions. Jack soon decided he wanted to share his skill and experience so that others could enjoy real estate the same way he did. He became a licensed real estate agent and began helping clients to buy and sell real property. He is now a full-time real estate broker serving the Chicagoland area. Jacks enthusiasm for the process of selling and purchasing homes is what sets him apart. His motto is, the best price, in the least time, for the least hassle. His satisfied clients tell him time and time again: after working with Jack, they know theyve kept as much money in their pockets as possible. But its not enough to love to sell homesJack also has close working relationships with the best real estate attorneys and fastest short sale specialists in the business. My clients needs are most important and I will always look out for them. I know that buying or selling a house is a very big investment. My clients can trust my knowledge and experience, and the expertise of the professionals I work with on a daily basis. In the summer of 2013, Jack joined a FDIC chartered, American Heartland Bank and Trust as a development director of residential mortgage division. Since 2009, Jack has been a member of the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators, and he also holds the title of Certified Debt Arbitrator/Specialist.