The markets that we work well with are, but not limited to: Pre/Post Retirement (50+ years old) These are the most important years of your financial lives. Getting things right at this point is no longer an option. There are so many different aspects of preparing for this transition that it can be overwhelming. Our team will walk you through this process addressing areas such as, How do I take money out of my accounts?, What do I do about Social Security?, What about health insurance?. The big ones usually are, How do I not get hammered with taxes? and, How do I not lose my money in another market crash. We pride ourselves in educating our clients and providing a glide path that transitions you smoothly into the, what are SUPPOSED to be, the best years of your life. Law Enforcement & other public service agencies (Fire/FBI/Govt etc.) Our team is very supportive of our local agencies. With many family members and friends who have and are currently serving our communities around the world, serving our men and women of these agencies is the least we could do. We help make sure they have the proper protection as they put their lives on the line for us each and everyday. Many agencies have benefits that are not easily understood such as 457s, Pension Planning and many others. Through our process of working with clients, we make it very easy to understand and strive to provide peace of mind that their financial lives are well taken care of. We take pride in supporting and protecting those who protect us. Are you a good fit for our practice? We will never turn down an opportunity to help another. If you are serious about wanting to take control of your finances, and you want to work with a team that will spend the time educating you through the process without pushing any agenda or products on you, please give us a call. We provide no-cost consultations along with resources for any situation.