I am well rounded in the practice of Software Development having experienced the different roles in the development lifecycle. My experiences include being a Capacity Planner, Business Analyst, Team Lead, Subject Matter Expert, Software Engineer and Testing, and roles for Project Management. My industry experiences, which includes my previous work, are Telecom Fault Management concepts, Financial Services (Client Relationship Management and Data Confidentiality, 2011 - 2016) and Credit Card Transaction Posting (2005 - 2010). I also have experiences in Capacity Management, Risk and Issues Management and Workplan Management and the methodology behind Project Metrics and KPI. In both life and work, I do not jump to conclusions on certain matters. I always judge using all information surrounding the said matter. I am easy going, adaptable, a fast learner and ambitious, evident to the fact that I have transitioned Bank-related industry to Telecommunications with out any problems. I am a married man with 3 kids. I try to be a good example to my kids while still being a kid-at-heart myself. I love playing puzzles and video games. Any games that involves solving puzzles or simply because they are enjoyable, I love playing them and sharing with my kids. I also love watching movies and sharing them with my family and friends.