Born and raised in France, I have spent half of my life living in other countries. I started playing with computers fairly young, and the virus has not stopped ever since. I have 20 years experience in Software Development, and I enjoy situations where I can remain technical and face customers to work with them on solving problems. I co-founded iScale Solutions, a company specializing in software offshoring, outsourcing, portage and BPO. I also co-founded RightCloud, focusing on advanced public cloud consultancy and services. I am a definite workaholic with a resilient attitude to get things done. Most importantly, I like to foster connection with customers for the long run. Life is a journey and so is business. You never know whats around the corner! I always think win-win and find compromises when things get tough. My core strengths are software development best practices, operations management, cloud native and generally cloud related technologies, offshoring / outsourcing, and business development skills. If you are thinking how to seamlessly expand your business offshore or if youre looking for a strong technical partner, lets connect!