Professional integrity, "big picture" focus, and a history of steering business fundamentals the stimulate revenue and client growth, are the cornerstones of a career distinguished by sustained accomplishment. Backed by a senior level generalist background in sales, marketing, finance, and operations, efforts have consistently guided start-ups to multimillion-dollar performers, and existing companies through unparalleled growth. Acknowledged as an intuitive business strategist and balanced, profit-driven leader; expert in conceiving complex solutions that surpass quotas, produce returns on investment, and empower terms to excel over the long-term. BENCHMARKS & MILESTONES Strategic Management - Develop Plans, Improvements, Increasing some aspect of performance Marketing research, Surveys Develop implementation plans Take the leading edge practices Reduce Benchmarking Costs - Visit Costs, Time Costs, Database Costs Technical Benchmarking - Compare existing corporate strategies with a view to achieving the best possible performance in new situations New Concession Program Evaluation and Review Technique Critical Path Analysis