Consultant: Horrie works with organisations and operations to identify and prioritise business improvement opportunities, implement change management strategies, map and redesign processes, review the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) management cycles of a business, assess management operating systems (MOS), and implement continuous improvement programs and initiatives. Coach: Organisations and operations seek Horrie out to coach and work with their people to improve the processes and performance of their business. He engages with stakeholders at all levels of an organisation to interpret what is heard with what is seen, identify and clarify issues and develop opportunities for improvement. He enjoys the "a-ha" moments people have when they find a solution to a problem and he encourages experiential learning for the personal growth of teams and individuals. Horrie has a practical approach to the implementation of projects and the alignment of change management methodologies, resulting in high levels of involvement and sustainability. Creative: Horrie has a weekly side-hustle of a blog that is accompanied by his own illustrations. The inspiration for blog content often triggered by interactions and events when consulting. You can find his blog at Connector: Horrie coordinates a Perth based networking group, Random Ripples. Events are held every 6-8 weeks and rotated around different city venues (they have never been held at the same venue twice) with an open approach to attendees. All of which contributes to the clash of conversations, connections, and the randomness. Please contact Horrie if you would like to come along. #HorrieM #businessimprovement #changemanagement #coaching #people #processes #performance