843-946-2019 herman_watson@ml.com I strive to serve as a guide to our clients to help them make wise financial decisions both now and throughout their retirement years. No matter whether you're about to retire or busy running a business-your outcomes rely on how well you planned your financial decisions around your short- and long-term goals. While you can have a vision for your life, meeting that vision can be challenging without clear guidance on how to arrive there. In every step, our sole priority is to help you create financial strategies that support your goals, so you make sound decisions that foster a fulfilling financial life. At Watson, Cleary and Associates, our team cares greatly for the individuals we serve and purposefully support only a select number of clientele. By doing so, we're able to remain nimble and accessible to each client, so we can help answer their questions and connect them to resources-the moment they need our support. We put our clients first in everything we do for them, and enjoy lasting relationships guided by carefully listening to them and genuinely understanding what they care about. I joined Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in 2007 and enjoy the entrepreneurial experience of operating an advisory team. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family going boating, fishing, swimming, and traveling. My hobbies include exercising, playing piano, and watching my three kids play sports.