My company, Atelier Lumikha, manages back-office programs that help businesses support their customers with voice, chat, and email; gathers, organizes and acts on marketing and operations data; and develops systems for process management and performance optimization. Im a Philippines-based expatriate from Jacksonville, Florida, in the USA. Ive been traveling to, working in, and living in the Philippines for over a decade. Currently, I split my time between Dumaguete City, in the Western Visayas, and Makati City, Metro Manila. At various times, Ive been a blueberry farmer, advertising agency hack, marketing executive, calvary scout, college professor, and an early mover in the development of the Philippines business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. Since arriving in the Philippines, Ive helped call centers and BPOs build and launch in the Philippines, started my own BPO, sold it, and then started all over again. When I landed in the Philippines in 2002-3, the BPO phenomenon was in its second wave growing from 10,000 seats at the outset of the decade. My job (or so I thought) was to deploy a custom online learning platform on behalf of a growing global contact center. It turns out; I was mistaken. What we actually did was develop many of the protocols for recruiting, staffing, learning, and operations that are accepted industry norms today. Subsequently, I started a consultancy for organizations launching business (BPO) and knowledge (KPO) process outsourcing in the Philippines. Today, at Atelier Lumikha, we deliver a range of KPO solutions from our offices in Dumaguete, Negros. I also spend a good bit of time traveling around the Visayas for scuba and free diving as well as hiking and climbing. The Philippines is an enchantingly rich archipelago and a wonderful place to be an expatriate.