INTP personality type in search of inspiration in any field. I thrive when asked to be the go to guy when it come to "fix this/figure this out" issues. Every new challenge is an opportunity to create solutions. If you have a system that needs improvement or a logistical upgrade, I am the person for the job. I am not your typical wildlife professional, as I have an interesting/diverse skill set combined with an insatiable desire to develop new skills. I believe anything is possible with time and effort. I have been a small business manager, mechanic, machinist, electrician, plumber, carpenter, drywall finisher, and directional drill operator before becoming a wildlife biologist, GIS analyst, IT technician and general problem solver. I am in search of a position that gives me a sense of appreciation and fulfillment. I need to feel that I am doing work for a good cause and actually contributing to the betterment of the world. Areas of interest include: solar industry, wildlife consultation, fossil fuel-electric automobile conversion, residential/industrial energy efficiency, environmental education, land conservation, GIS analysis, and wetlands restoration. Specialties: Adaptation, insatiable curiosity, analytic thinking, astute observation.