Licensed, Bonded, and Insured professional with over 30 years-experience in the Criminal Justice arena primarily in the venues of investigations, security, teaching & training. Former Counter-Intelligence Agent; skilled in pertinent collection methods & information assessment techniques. Detailed expertise conducting complex criminal investigations including white-collar crime and criminal fraud. *Extensive background in criminal justice training & education; since 2002, have served as an Adjunct Faculty member for several schools and personally taught over 135 classes in Criminal Justice, Criminology and Security Management venues to approximately 2,000 students. Conducted and evaluated site security surveys for the U.S. Government, U.S. Military and private sector clients. Coordinate cases with allied professionals in divisions such as Legal, IT, Audit, Human Resources and Risk Management. Experience conducting financial services investigative mandates in areas such as KYC, AML, BSA, and SARs. Routinely liaison with law enforcement, prosecutors, and clients counsel to provide investigative results & findings. Background providing small, medium, and conference-sized training sessions on a number of CJ and security-related topics. Recognized for keeping clients briefed and inform related to investigative matters, tasks, and assignments. Excellent oral & written communication skills; able to effectively prioritize efforts and multi-task assignments; committed to identify options for clients regardless of their current security-related circumstances.