As a Financial Advisor, I work for my clients. I believe that everyone needs a master plan, and as our lives and financial goals change, so should your plan. Your Financial Plan should be focused on you helping address risk management, identify financial goals, and set your investment expectations. I have built my business so that I am able to help people I care about - take care of the people they care about. This is why I ask important questions, listen, and focus intently on my clients values. While markets, investments and financial services have increased in complexity and speed of change, my commitment to serving clients and their families has not changed. While I can service the needs of any investor, here are just a few of my areas of focus: Retirement Planning Estate Planning Strategies, Legacy Planning and Special Needs Trusts Discretionary Portfolio Management Understanding the complex rules surrounding your Company Stock, Restricted Securities and ESOPs In 1983, I entered the financial services industry as an analyst and service representative for one of the worlds largest credit databases. I was promoted to managerial positions and helped to implement and develop credit-storing methods that became models for the insurance and consumer lending industries. In 1995, I joined Dean Witter, which became Morgan Stanley, and transferred my financial analysis and management skills into directly helping people with their investment portfolios.