What kind of values matter to you? Mine are family and integrity. As a mother of 5 kids, they are a huge priority. I strive to be someone they can count on, support them and they always know that I have the very BEST in mind for them. I carry these values with me when I work with my clients. Giving my clients the best service and knowledge in big life decisions is my #1 goal. That goal was a driving force in my decision to officially become a licensed Real Estate Agent! With 20 years under my belt in helping clients with mortgages, re-financing, title work, and credit restoration I knew this was my next best step. As you can imagine, throughout the years Ive developed a strong and dependable network of people in the business. Meaning if I cant help you, believe me, I know someone that can (with EXPERTISE)! I want to help you re-imagine your situation so you can move to that future youve had in mind for years.