Hired by ManTech International as an Entry Control Officer, responsible for the security of Von Braun Center buildings. Verified entry of personnel into the site, maintained records of requested entries and performed security checks of secure spaces and facility grounds. Transferred to from Von Braun Center to the Advanced Research Center to perform same duties, when ManTech assumed security of that site. From September 2017 to February 2018, worked for FEMA in the Houston, Texas area as a Site Inspector, gathering and verifying damage to city and county property. Verified claims submitted and submitted documentation of damage to FEMA. Now working for Murray Guards as a supernumerary for five posts in HUNTSVILLE, Al. I have worked for over 38 years for my country in both the Navy and Civil Service. During this time I have obtain a vast knowledge of criminal investigations, Navy procedures and working with other Law Enforcement Officers, both US and Foreign. I have never lost a case and have an one hundred percent conviction rate. Having worked in the middle east as a contractor, I have learned a great deal about the culture of the countries that I worked in and about their citizens. I look forward to apply all of my expertize in the Customs and Border Management field. Specialties: Fraud, Environmental and Drug Investigations. Small boat operations. Small Arms qualified. Communications.