Almost 15 years ago, I was given the challenge and opportunity to take on the largest complex of Willin Properties, even though my prior experience in Property Management was only managing 2 properties that I co-owned. During these years, I have kept an excellent track record of high occupancy rates; efficient and timely maintenance/ project supervision; optimal site profitability; proactive management; ownership; teamwork; utmost fiduciary duty; honesty, presence; respect and accountability. Currently, I am also assisting the bookkeeper with the accounting for Willin Properties and its mother company, ENG Properties (in addition to managing my property). (2005... ) I initially got my Real Estate license in January of 2005 and ever since, my passion for helping people become home owners and my advocacy for the use of First-time buyer programs has granted me many personal and professional satisfactions that I try to perpetuate through my work ethic and dedication. (2001-2005)Marketing and Customer Service gave me the valuable opportunity to provide personable, caring and honest service to all the clients and customers I served. (1995-2001) Accounting allowed me to acquire a great experience with financial business operations. As a Staff Accountant for ISMS, I received the Best employee award in 2001. (Award letter available). My greatest professional satisfaction is having worked in the three major fields encompassed in my career coursework: Management, Accounting and Management. International degrees in Business Administration comprise of 6 years of full-time studies (264 credits) with a career- specific syllabus. (Transcripts available). As a scholar, I am passionate about my career and am an advocate and practitioner of Henri Fayols 14 Management principles, and Frederick Taylors Principles of scientific Management , as well as other practical management tools such as TQM, strategic SWOT analysis, etc. I am currently in the process of getting my CAM certification.