As Director of Marketing Operations and Customer Success, it is my duty and privilege to wear the multiple hats of our varied departments - as needed to keep the wheels of LinkNow turning. All the while, keeping my finger on the market's pulse: maintaining the happiness of our growing client base, and supporting their continued association with our team. I have a pivotal role in leading, implementing, and overseeing our company's marketing departments. I coordinate and develop both organic and local search engine optimization strategies. Over the past 11 years, I have computerized campaign procedures for multiple departments. Streamlining our methods with complex sequences and task automation, both internally and client-facing has allowed our operations to run smoothly and efficiently for customers and staff. Over the years, I have built many long-lasting relationships with several well-respected, key industry leaders. I continue to hone my interpersonal skills and never stop learning. I am proactive, staying personally informed, and up to date on the latest trends and algorithm changes, attending conferences, and participating in webinars. My genuine desire in team leading and maximizing my staff's strengths and knowledge is the cornerstone of our successful team performance. I am known as the "Customer Service Whisperer" because no matter how dire the situation may seem, I don't stop until all parties reach an amicable conclusion, leaving everyone pleased and satisfied. At LinkNow, we pride ourselves on being a fully transparent Marketing Agency, entirely dedicated to our client success. I, along with several key employees, have helped LinkNow achieve many milestones and awards, such as the Fastest Growing Company in Canada on the Profit 500 Top Canadian Companies for the last four years. I am passionate about LinkNows brand and values and will continue to make life easier for our clients through empowering and innovating our procedures and services.