I bring passion and purpose to my work, honored to help society's most vulnerable members live a more secure financial future. I'm a Financial Advisor with the Special Needs Team at Merrill. I work closely with professional trustees to develop detailed planning and investment frameworks for children and adults with special needs, the elderly, and the disabled. The scope of my work includes conservatorships, guardianships, court-appointed cases, and settlements. I am absolutely committed to the well-being of each client. For every relationship, I strive to bring my best work, marrying heart and mind, strategy and service, compassion and empathy. I am honored and humbled that my work-and that of my team-makes a measurable difference in the lives of the families we serve. WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO ME: I want to make clients' lives easier, simpler, and less stressful. I work hard so that clients can rest more easily. I believe in face-to-face meetings and am eager to be a welcoming and reassuring presence. Client comfort is extremely important to me. I spend significant time discerning the details of each relationship. That diligence, I believe, results in better outcomes for the clients I serve. Complexity does not daunt me. The more difficult the situation, the more satisfaction I feel from resolving issues and delineating a clear path forward. I am a person of my word. I know how important my work is to people who require a special level of care and attention. REACH OUT TO ME: You are a professional trustee in need of in-depth financial advice for your special-needs clients. You work in the special-needs field and value a proven wealth management team that focuses exclusively on this space. You share an interest in snowboarding, golfing, being outdoors or craft beer and want to trade ideas on great places to enjoy these passions. Reach me directly at emily.vierra@ml.com.