Hey! Im Liz! I collaborate with inspiring entrepreneurs and brands that are doing good in the world. You know, the changemakers, innovators, trailblazers; people growing companies that embody sustainability, inclusivity and meaningful missions. As a connector, I support B2B and B2C companies in building and fostering feel-good relationships that last. I have a knack for sourcing out elevated people and ideas, a natural ability to tune into untapped potential, and a deep-rooted desire to help manifest dreams into reality. Your WHY is important to me. Currently, I have the privilege of working with Tubify - leaders in the freezie world - who are on a mission to nourish healthy experiences with their 100% organic and plant-based freezies. Inspired to connect? Send me a message, email me at liz@tubify.ca, or better yet let's meet over a virtual smoothie! https://calendly.com/itslizhammond/15min