I was tired of working weekends, holidays, and $0.15/hr annual pay raises determined by my peers. So after 10 years working as a pediatric nurse, I quit and became my own banker. (Thats not the whole story, obviously. When we become pals I'll tell you the rest.) I now teach real estate investors how to protect and store their wealth in their own highly liquid banking systems. My clients include every type of real estate investor including: Single Family, Multi-family, Office, Retail, Mobile Home Parks, Self-Storage, and my brother, Paul. Heres what Paul has to say about me: Drew was always the most annoying kid in the world but theres no one I trust more today. And when it comes to educating investors on why they need to become their own bankers? Hes alright. Id give him a C+. Just kidding, hes the best there is. Im an expert in teaching the power of: Liquidity The Best Business in the World The Banking System Leverage Tax-Free Growth Constant Compounding Thinking Outside the Box (hint: There is no box ) I take an education-based approach focused solely on teaching you how to protect your wealth by copying what the banks do. The result: Greater Wealth, Liquidity, & ROI p.s. I work in all 50 states Schedule a cost-free 13.5-minute consultation: https://app.usemotion.com/meet/drew-white/lets-chat