Why Legacy Group? Wealth creates control and independence. Our goal is to create the wealth that each and every client needs in order to have and maintain control and independence throughout every stage of the investment strategy life cycle. Mandate To provide realistic, unbiased, results-orientated solutions. Strategy We start the premise of an investment strategy with a well-defined financial plan. Like an exit strategy for a business, we believe a financial plan is the cornerstone to any investment process. With this premise in place, all investment decisions are based on this defining strategy. Process A four-step approach of portfolio construction, monitoring, reporting and re-balancing. Result A personalized wealth management plan designed through understanding our clients goals, needs and risk tolerance. We pledge to: Hold ourselves accountable to transparency: Both in fees for services rendered, and the research utilized in the investment decision process. Dedicate a team of local, regional and international experts to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Utilize the strength and stability of the Royal Bank of Canada, RBC Capital Markets and RBC Wealth Management throughout our tenure. Measure results quantifiably, against a desired benchmark, and provide detailed written reports of the results.