I couple my tireless work ethic with my relentless passion to create consistently great results. I'm always chasing down the newest technology or design practice. I have worked in the industry since 2012 and was able to expand my knowledge while pursuing my passions. The challenges of COVID-19 forced many companies to rethink their technology structure. I leverage my expansive knowledge of Office 365 & the Windows platform to provide work-from-home solutions to clients. I pride myself as an effective & patient communicator, and thrive working in team environments. I am passionate about communication, documentation & cloud solutions. I currently have over 9 years of providing high quality technical solutions to clients. As my knowledge and experience grows I've picked up new responsibilities and tackled new projects. I have over 5 years of experience with WordPress and focus on learning new techniques for web optimization and enhanced security and monitoring. I have done a variety of professional and artistic photoshoots. I use original photography in most of my web design.