Offices in Augusta GA & Washington DC With more than 30 years of financial services experience, I am committed to serving as my clients primary source of financial advice. As a Morgan Stanley Senior Portfolio Manager, I offer personalized investment management that relieves clients of day-to-day buy and sell decisions they would rather not make on their own. As a Certified Financial Planner, I go far beyond investments to advise my clients on virtually every aspect of their financial lives. As co-founder of The Eubank & Berry Group at Morgan Stanley, I employ a comprehensive financial planning-based process with the individual clients, small businesses and not-for-profit organizations I advise. My clients look to me for guidance that considers not only prevailing market conditions, but their assets, liabilities, need for liquidity, risk tolerance and other values. I view myself as steward of my clients assets and I strive to help them preserve their capital, avoid large, short-term losses that can derail their progress and take greater control of their financial lives. 1) Financial planning - client focus includes planning for retirement and managing retirement income portfolios 2) Advisors - works closely with client's CPAs, attorneys and other advisors 3) Portfolio Management - holds Senior Portfolio Manager designation within Morgan Stanley's Portfolio Management Group 4) Experienced in Insurance, Small Business Retirement Plans, 401(k) Retirement Rollovers, Investment Planning & Portfolio Management 5) Oversees the private client practice of the Eubank & Berry Group at Morgan Stanley 6) Partner in the Eubank & Berry Group at Morgan Stanley, a Washington DC based investment advisory practice with a focus on nonprofit organizations and high net worth clients. NMLS #1262271