My mission is to help you achieve peace of mind in your financial life so you can focus on what matters most to you. We follow our 3-step process of discovery, aligning investment and risk objectives, then applying a thorough and thoughtful review process. We are a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), and we hold client assets at Charles Schwab. Being an RIA means we have a fiduciary responsibility to always act in the client's best interest, which contrasts with financial advisors from most major firms that are only held to a suitability standard of care. Fragmented and reactive financial advice is not ideal in today's rapidly moving world. Our goal is to be your financial quarterback and provide you with proactive and comprehensive advice. As your quarterback, we help answer questions beyond investing, like social security or pension decisions in addition to changes in tax codes and how they may impact you. My background in real estate and the mortgage industry provides expertise in reviewing real estate refinance and purchase documents. We work closely with your team of professionals (CPA, lawyer, etc.), or you can leverage the team of legal, accounting, and real estate professionals I have built through my career. Taking this comprehensive team approach can help you avoid costly missteps when in need of these services. Financial planning into and through retirement is my specialty and passion. My team and I are here to help you navigate your life's opportunities and challenges, so you don't have to do it alone and you can focus on and enjoy life, traveling, family or whatever is most important to you. Please reach out to me and let's have a conversation before you go another day feeling unsure about your finances. You can reach me at (800) 540-8619 or on my cell at (714) 264-5055. or