I have successfully handled multiple roles and projects, partnered with different clients, effectively dealt with different personality types, and brought value to different types of businesses. I help business owners free their time. I closely worked with SMBs and startup entrepreneurs in organizing things and growing their businesses online by managing their projects, doing different tasks, and taking over their repetitive and time-consuming to-do list so they can focus on more important aspects of their business. I treat my clients as my friends and their business as my own. Their success is my success and their failure is also my failure. My ultimate goal is to work with them and be a key member in their business, ensure their satisfaction, deliver quality service, work long-term with them, and spread positive vibes. I like to see my clients' businesses grow and prosper while giving them the best business support experience possible. When I am not working, I like to read personal development books or entrepreneurial blogs, watch tutorial videos, follow Instagram accounts about business, self-study, and cook! I can confidently provide the following services: Virtual Assistance Social Media Management Social Media Marketing Social Media Growth Linkedin Lead Generation Linkedin Account Growth Instagram Lead Generation Instagram Account Growth Lead Generation Client Prospecting Project Management Appointment Setting B2C / B2B I am very flexible when it comes to projects and can easily adapt on any environment that I join with. If you want to grow your business and free your time without worrying too much on responsibilities, contact me! I have wide set of skills that will definitely help your business.