Most real estate agents aim to provide structure to their clients throughout the transaction. And while I do that, too, my aim has always been to maintain a structured process on my end as well. This allows me to more effectively meet your needs. My day starts at 5AM, where I complete my day's administrative tasks before most people are awake. The benefit for you is that the rest of each day is then devoted to my clients, allowing for availability and flexibility you would hope to find in a real estate agent, but rarely do. From my years of military experience, I know the importance of preparing for every possible scenario, and approach any issue from a solution-focused prospective. I have been involved in the real estate industry long before I ever became a realtor. I have spent time working as an appraiser, starting my own title services company, and originating mortgages for multiple national banks. This diverse experience has prepared me to see each transaction from every possible angle, allowing me to better plan and problem-solve on your behalf. My experience, combined with the structure I set forth for both you and me, allows us to be the most prepared and flexible as we navigate the purchase or sale of your home.