I am an engaging and authentic professional with an extensive career in client service and administration, driving success from a highly developed level of emotional intelligence combined with superior analytic proficiencies. Throughout the progression of my career, I am passionately dedicated to patient-centric care and advocacy for a world-renowned health care center. I am also a divergent thinker and magnetic leader, adept at building innovative connections between industry criteria, business results, and the client/patient experience to drive widely impactful process improvement initiatives. Overall, I utilize fundamental and goal-driven efforts to consistently excel in positions requiring organizational communication and project management. Among my Career Highlights, I: - Championed review of one of Mayo Clinics largest contracts after identifying underutilization of key negotiated management provisions. Additionally, I spearheaded process changes to successfully increase overall productivity by 15% within first month of implementation. - Led internal review efforts for pre- and post-service adverse determinations, conducting extensive patient record analysis against medical necessity criteria. I also increased successful appeals for denied services by 75% while generating sizable revenue recovery and mobilizing critical tests and procedures to improve patient outcomes. - Developed and implemented the Denial Deterrent Program (DDP) for pre-service denials, thoroughly examining patient medical history to identify missing components necessary to establish appropriateness of treatment and initiate reconsideration of denied services. I also generated approvals to ensure patients receive essential care without additional, up-front expenses. - Significantly reduced need for peer-to-peer reviews and pre-service appeals by 85% through the DDP while concurrently increasing patient retention rates. - Selected to sit on the communication committee for Mayo Clinics Greater Leadership Opportunities for Women (GLOW) resource group to empower and advocate for women seeking to culminate leadership skills and foster personal development.