I am the dog-father to a beautiful 2-year-old english mastiff X, an avid motorcyclist, and beginner guitar player. I live in arguably one of the most beautiful areas of the world, and regularly enjoy exploring this amazing province. On the professional front I have over 20 years in Operations, with twelve of those specifically focused within the Data Center space; the earlier part of my work history was focused on cargo and passenger transportation. I am equally comfortable in a board room, running a piece of equipment, or helping sweep up at the end of long day when the team has put in their best effort. Solving problems is an absolute passion for me, and I am no stranger to challenging the status quo. I light up like a kid on Christmas when presented with a challenge, or a short deadline is looming, and chaos is on the horizon. I am a strong leader having worked with a diverse set of personalities, age ranges, and skillsets. I find it incredibly exciting to watch a team develop, bond, and thrive as a collective and I take deep ownership in my responsibilities to enable this whether as their direct leader or as part of a project team. I have proven business acumen having held both management roles with large organizations and owned and operated my own successful companies. While I like to be in the thick of the day to day, I also enjoy the financial and data crunching aspects. I am big on making decisions based on facts and insist on clear and transparent communication at all levels. It has been my fortune to have constant growth opportunities with the organizations I have worked for. I attribute this to both my gravitation towards organizations in transformation and the pride in delivery I bring to my roles. I make it a point to develop a strong record of accomplishment in each role prior to moving on. Finally, I love to learn. Whether attending webinars, watching YouTube, attending formal training, or reading I make it a point to spend no less than 30 mins learning daily. Please feel free to reach out - I love to conversate with industry kin, and those seeking to enter a career in any of the fields where I may be able to offer clarity or advice.