1. Who I Am: I am a blessed and grateful husband, father, and son. My wife of 16 years is a doula and educator. I'm blessed to have four children, all boys, from 3yo to 10yo. Before joining Edward Jones as a Financial Advisor, I had a 14-year career as an environmental consultant, most recently developing and brokering ecological credits to offset environmental impacts. I maintain my enthusiasm for the outdoors through hiking, camping and boating. I'm passionate about helping people align their investments with their ethical worldview. 2. Who I Serve: I specialize in helping renewable energy professionals, environmental scientists, conservation directors, scientists, as well as nonprofit employees and board members, achieve optimum lifestyle using an established financial mapping process. 3. Your Problems a. Multiple accounts from prior employers b. Not knowing how much or for long to save for retirement, eduction, etc. c. Portfolios lacking transparency, performance, or a focus on sustainability 4. How I Help a. I work with clients to bring organization and simplicity through account consolidation b. Bring my clients into an optimum lifestyle through goal setting and financial mapping c. Build and retool portfolios that reflect a sustainable viewpoint on the world using portfolio analytics 5. My Philosophy: Wealth is so much more than assets however it is important to steward them well. I enjoy working with my clients throughout their lives to grow wealth and put it to good use, for them, their family, and the world. Contact me now to set up a 15 min discovery call. 919-363-6223 Chris.Flowes@edwardjones.com