A financial advisors job is to help people control their finances, even though they cant control the markets. In control means knowing where you are in your plan and doing things that keep you on plan. A plan may be based on funding certain objectives, accumulating wealth, generating income, preserving capital, or a combination of these. Investing is a means for achieving a financial plan while managing risk, cost and taxes. I build client portfolios for those purposes by designing for transparency and avoiding complexity. According to Morgan Stanleys Global Investment Committee, the firm covers thousands of securities worldwide with an international group of research analysts, economists and strategists. This is a great resource for me as a financial advisor and benefit to my clients as we manage to a plan. Carl has devoted an entire career to the financial services industry. He joined Morgan Stanley in 2013 after building a successful practice over eight years at UBS Financial Services. Previously, Carl managed a long/short equity portfolio at Graham Capital Management, a large well known hedge fund. Carl gained important equity and fixed income market experience as an investment banker for 19 years with the securities affiliate of the Toronto Dominion Bank and Salomon Brothers Inc. Carl began his career with General Motors in its New York treasurers office.