Like many advisors, I began investing in high school. However, my experience building and selling a company showed me the need for an extra level of focus and skills from an advisor. With that mindset, I joined Merrill Lynch Wealth Management 1996. Since then, I've served a loyal circle of surgeons and other physicians, business owners, retirees, and their families. In 2019, I founded The Mustin Shuffstall Group. Our commitment reflects mine to serve fewer clients and do more for each. Given the attention we offer, we assist people who appreciate a strong relationship with an advisory team. Just as we want to know about clients' families, we tell them about ours. We know clients very well and believe their referrals are testament to the value we provide. We also: Remind clients that any decision involving money is good reason to call us whether they're weighing the benefits of purchasing or leasing a car, buying or renting out a second home, paying for college, considering long-term care insurance, or something entirely different. Aim to provide attractive returns that exceed taxes and inflation. By relying heavily on asset allocation and our ability to search the world for investments, we can help clients minimize risk and optimize opportunity. Are mindful of tax consequences and clients' years of hard work. In addition to helping them plan for likely and unlikely circumstances, we put clients' wealth to work with risk-managed investing, retirement planning, access to credit and lending, intergenerational wealth strategies and more. I AM PROUD TO: Have advised my father (who worked too many hours in his blue-collar job to learn about investing) to retire early. It was my way to thank him for years of saving and sacrifice. Support Shriner's Children's Hospital and other non-profits close to my heart.