I am responsible for identifying and building long term relationships through a client centric approach for Rockland Trust Investment Management Group. Working closely with clients, commercial lenders and Centers of Influence to create long-term client relationships with high net worth individuals, business owners, and nonprofit organizations. Rockland Trusts Investment Management Group designs and implements investment strategies to meet the specific needs of individuals and institutions whether the need is for current income, capital preservation, or long term capital growth. We then develop customized, individually managed investment portfolios to help our clients reach their financial goals. Every client is assigned a team of investment professionals, who work on their behalf to understand their goals and objectives. This team consists of the Financial Consultant, Relationship Manager and a Portfolio Manager. Once the clients investment strategy is established, we manage our client portfolios through an entirely in-house process, completely independent of Wall Streets fads, trends and short term focus. Our approach is designed to meet each clients objectives with a minimum of risk and a high margin of safety. We do this mainly through a security selection process that places a high emphasis on fundamentals and valuations. Our investment returns have consistently exceeded the market and, just as important, have experienced less volatility than the market. https://www.rocklandtrust.com/investing