Now well into my second year as Director, North Carolina Private Protective Services; NC Department of Public Safety. The NCPPS team continues to be focused on building a stronger relationship between the department and the business sector in areas of armed & unarmed security, alarm systems Companies, armored car security, and private investigators in North Carolina. We're finally kicking off the project for on-line Licensing, registration, payment and other transactions to reduce turn-around and improve the process for the industry. Working harder than I can remember to bring the NCPPS staff and the industry the up-to-date resources they deserve. I absolutely Love what I'm doing and the people I'm working with. Sense of urgency and politics have been a real wake-up call. I'm still honored to be working as a part of Governor McCrory's staff under Department of Public Safety Secretary Dr. Frank Perry. I wish more people understood how critical it is to have a Governor as focused as Pat McCrory is on fiscal responsibility. Well, I'll try to update this again in another six months. Stay safe out there...... Barry