My journey started in Mid-Western Nebraska in the town of North Platte. Coming from a small town has motivated me to see what is all out in the world, and what it is has to offer for a small town guy like me. I am a Senior at NWU who also is on the Men's Soccer Team. Currently I balance being a full time student, an internship as a Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual, work as a Part-Time Leasing Consultant at Villas at Mahoney Park, and being an athlete. My major here at Nebraska Wesleyan is Business Administration with a minor in Sports Management. I chose this because it had left a variety of options for fields I could get into after college life. I did not want to choose one specific thing but instead be willing to learn in any area. So far, I have found that I like all aspects of Business Administration. I also have a passion for sports and could really see myself working in the sports industry in the future if an opportunity presented itself. Deciding to come to NWU was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. It still allowed me to stay closer to home while becoming the best version of myself. The liberal arts education and archway curriculum has forced me to broaden my perspective on topics I'd never even thought about before. My two threads are Power Thread and Going Global thread. This has helped me deeply understand power in our world, how it can be used, and expanded my knowledge on global topics. I also give all credit to NWU for making me a better communicator and writer with every single class I take, and by pushing me to my full potential.