As a Financial Professional, it is important to take the time to understand your goals and objectives, before making any financial decisions and to be prepared to assess any unique circumstances that you may be in. Working together with you and your CPA, attorney and other professionals, my goal is to find the most appropriate financial decision for you and your family to make. I can help you find the most efficient way to accumulate cash, protect what you have earned, and safely distribute earnings upon retirement. Before I was working for Voya, I was a student at Cal State University of Fullerton. There I received a Bachelor's of Arts in Economics. While I was in college, I was a supervisor for a security company where I maintained the requirements my clients requested by distributing the staff I was assigned. After graduating my knowledge of money and banking tied in with behavioral economics showed me how I may protect people financially. So it was a natural fit working with Voya, when their objectives are to efficiently protect their clients Investments. Here at Voya our priority is you. We want to see our services improve your quality of life. Hopefully we can make a difference in your life as well. Best regards, Anthony Geraci