Graduated from Aston University in 2017 with a First Class BSc Economics and Management degree. Awarded the Beta Gamma Sigma for being in the top 10% at Aston Business School. Experience as a financial trader for a number of years and then in financial services and utilities within credit risk. All round knowledge of credit risk having worked across Acquisition strategy, MI, portfolio management and Capital (IRB) and Impairment (IFRS9) forecasting (model development). Exceptional communication and stakeholder management skills whereby I have created numerous professionally written papers for committees and presented to the CRO, CFO and CEO of multiple companies. Exceptional academic results with an emphasis on being highly mathematically and analytically minded, with a passion for econometric modelling and financial markets having been involved in trading and investing since the age of 16, being one of the youngest traders for IG and in the top 500 of IG clients. Highly adaptable with a sickening work ethic and a hunger to learn and develop myself further all the time; an entrepreneurial and creative mindset and a questioning and curious nature. Employers will quickly see that I stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, I wake up every morning with a positive can-do attitude with the aim of improving myself further every single day. Highly ambitious and always willing to face new challenges in order to improve and develop. I am currently open to new opportunities and welcome any messages from employers who wish to find out more information about my previous experience and qualifications.