Theres no one to stop you but yourself Dave Thomas. Very powerful words that have had a great impact on my life. Twenty years in the financial industry has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in peoples lives. Often investors may feel as if their investments are like a boat lost in unchartered waters, and because of that, Im what you would call the GPS of the financial advisory business. What I do is give clear and concise direction on how and where people should invest their money even in the most difficult of times. I am devoted to ensuring that clients and customers are receiving the best possible service the industry has to offer, and am a firm believer that managing wealth is more than just managing money, it's about helping people achieve financial security and freedom so that they can look forward to a better future. Another passion of mine is teaching. For over ten years Ive been actively teaching business-related courses, helping students with their career choices and providing them with the necessary knowledge they need in order to achieve their future goals, providing me with immense gratification. After all, giving back is the cornerstone of conducting good business practices today. I've been very comfortable and adept in training students and business professionals on how to make the sale. Twelve years ago, I took a stagnated company and brought it back to life by: Decreasing overhead costs by 18% annually. Increasing revenue by 75%. Trained a team of 15 registered reps and ensured that quarterly targets were met. Acquired an average of 20-25 new high net worth clients on an annual basis. Delivered annual growth on assets of at least $32 million for personally managed clients. Furthermore, I was recognized for spearheading the highest producing office both in new accounts and assets raised among a chain of 5 other financial advisory firms. Happy to provide any advice! Let's connect.