Andrew is a Vice President, Wealth Management, Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley. In his role as a Financial Advisor, he has been assisting families and individuals to plan for retirement and to help build and preserve wealth since 1994. His clients are business owners, professionals, physicians and retirees that have a focus on diversified investments that grow and generate income. Andrew is a retired US Navy Helicopter Pilot and Officer, he uses that disciplined and detail oriented background and his industry experience to provide his clients with goal oriented service, including portfolio management and tailored financial advice. A common theme with Andrews clients is a focused goal to meet needs of retirement income generation. As part of the planning process he believes in an asset allocation using equities, bonds, etfs, options, mutual funds, and alternative investments as well as annuities where appropriate. His efforts are designed to provide a custom allocation around each clients goals and needs depending on the clients life phase. After the definition of that personal investment strategy, a regular review schedule keeps the portfolio and plan fresh and current. Being that the world and the investment markets are always changing, research and learning is an ongoing process in his practice. Morgan Stanley has a team of product experts, research professionals and private banking professionals that assist Andrew in his goal to meet all of his clients financial planning and investment needs. Andrew is married to Faith Chance Flock, an FSU graduate and they have one daughter, Ginger, born in 2006. They enjoy living in the Pace area, northeast of Pensacola. Contact Andrew by email: