A sales leader, a customer service experience advocate, and a big Rise of Kingdoms & Age of Empires gamer. Anna has over 10 years of solid experience in the Business Process Outsourcing industry in a management role particularly in training, quality, and operations. Ana is expert at business development, project management, and operations management. She is very proficient at developing, testing, and implementing contact center strategies that help subscription businesses grow their customer base and improve their recurring revenue streams. She has an extensive experience supporting subscription business across diverse industries including telecommunications, domain name space, website and email, energy market, investment software for money managers, sales training, self-development training, and financial publishing industries. She analyzes businesses and their customers journey and uses the results of her analyses to plan and implement strategies and tactics to dramatically increase her clients' upfront and forecasted revenue. She also writes effective sales scripts for her clients and she uses the science and art of persuasion and influencing customers to like her salespeople, the products their selling, and the company they represent in all her sales scripts.