My name is Amit Puri and I am a Junior in the Kelley School of Business majoring in Accounting and Finance. I am studying accounting and finance because I am intrigued by the story that numbers can illuminate about a company. Instead of being content with what is on the surface, I look forward to continuing my curiosity and diving deeper into the important elements of all businesses. My experiences as a Finance Intern with Advocate Healthcare, participation in student accounting society, involvement in Hoosier Consulting Network, and much more, have sharpened my attention to detail, focus, and analytical skills. I enjoy mentoring my peers as an accounting tutor in Kelley and working in group settings as a leader and a teammate. I have a passion for collaborating with others, managing group projects, and working with numbers in business. I have demonstrated these skills in case competitions, the Kelley curriculum, and my valuable experiences outside the classroom. In the future, I aspire to pursue a career in accounting and finance where I can continue to grow my professional skill set, and bring value to the people around me. I plan to achieve this through my drive to always learn more, dedication to hard work, and strong performance in the Kelley School of Business.