I spent the first four years of my early career as a mechanical engineer in a major water utility. I worked with the data of our operations and I found it very frustrating crunching unorganized data over and over again using limited tools. I wasted so much time getting frustrated on how repetitive and tedious those tasks were. I kept on asking questions such as, could I make this automated? Could I dig deeper on this data using the right tools? I didn't know where to start. That fuel of frustrations turned to a spark as I discovered data science and how it can change our country if used for good. In my first company, I studied how to optimize our plant operations' energy consumption using multiple linear regression models. It resulted in millions of savings per year and also reduced carbon footprints emitted by the company. After finishing the prototype of my project, I shifted to a new industry in which someone could also mentor me as I progress my career in data analytics. I started my data science journey as a data visualization specialist. I am enjoying how I can use my creative and technical skills in my career to translate numbers into meaningful, correct and impactful insights. I joined local and international organizations that could help me flourish more in the data analytics field. Currently, I am now a data analyst in a bank and a volunteer Machine Learning Engineer at Omdena org. Data Analytics is my road to enter my dream job, Machine Learning and AI developer.