Focus on value and measure it. Optimize businesses with technology and not for it. Capitalize on every persons passion and let him or her shine with it. Drive transformation iteratively and grow from it. With these core beliefs as a senior IT leader, I have engaged and led high-impact multi-site cross-functional teams to solve the most complex problems, drive digital transformation and enable business success in over 24 years for over 120 companies across the globe, including Fortune Global 500 companies - maximizing technology solutions in Digital Marketing, Data Engineering, Analytics, AI/ML, Cloud, Workplace, CRM, ERP, IoT and others. I have in-depth experiences across the full spectrum of technology services using Agile and DevOps and leveraging local, nearshore and offshore teams - a. Leadership Development b. Strategy c. Solution Architecture d. Experience Design e. System Integration f. Managed Services g. P&L Management h. Continuous Innovation