As a Principle of the SEAM Wealth Management Group, I believe the value of an advisory team extends well beyond "dollars and cents." It's best measured over time, by the delivery of highly professional, proactive and purposed wealth management. I also believe that: Clients deserve a common-sense approach to building and preserving wealth. We help clients set realistic goals and appreciate their roles in following the strategy we've designed on their behalf. Clients should hear from their advisors often not only when the calendar says so. Our collaborative spirit is reflected in our team approach to serving clients and the time we spend communicating with them. We blend a highly attentive client service model with a deeply analytical financial approach. Cookie-cutter strategies and service are not in a client's best interest. Utilizing our team members' distinct strengths, we listen to what clients say about money and their motivations. From there, we can minimize risk while optimizing opportunity through "ground-up" strategies we review and adjust as circumstances change. Our consistency, transparency, and integrity characterize the relationships we enjoy with clients. We deliver conflict-free advice and guidance however each client prefers in person, by phone, or with the firm's state-of-art technology to educate clients and connect with them in meaningful ways. We feel good seeing clients take steady steps toward their goals. For some, it's a well-deserved retirement where "their house" is in order. For others, it's having the financial independence and confidence to launch a new venture, visit old friends around the world, or share their resources with those less fortunate.