Some would call me an inquisitive "go-getter." I have a degree in Marketing and have always been heavily involved in both the community and not for profit organizations. What makes me unique is a combination of characteristics. For instance, I am keen in evolving my knowledge in business, marketing in particular. I have, and continue to, take courses and read and watch videos on the industry today. A live course with an industry expert? I'm there. This has really paid off and I've had the opportunity to help a number of start-ups and a new not for profit as well as a handful of small businesses with their marketing. Learning isn't the end all be all for me. I'm also creative and compassionate and find it all too easy to connect with people and have meaningful conversations. I have strong convictions about business sustainability, learning first-hand about the environmental impacts of different industries and lifestyles and how a wholistic approach to life and business can increase happiness, health, and productivity. I'm a true self-learner and starter. I invest in myself, which makes me an invaluable asset to any company looking for long-term growth, sustainability, and profits.