Citigroup Personal Wealth Management Vice President. New York. Sales and Finance focus working with customers in US Private Bank for Latin America, and Europe. Emphasis on CRM (customer relationship management) for business development with C-suite CEO/CFO Institutional sales and Private Bank. Extensive current networking in personal, operational, and strategic relationships in New York, Miami, Latin America, and Europe. Proficient in finance disciplines, asset management structures, and portfolio manager platforms implementing performance guide-lines for equity and credit portfolios. Strategic focus on capital markets IPO Initial public offerings, sales planning, fund raising, private equity. In the context of public markets operating in equity markets, debt/bond/fixed income, money, derivatives, and commodities markets; multi-tasking portfolio assignments. Sales measurements prioritized by portfolio performance, and sales revenues. Management high visibility tasks include ongoing collaboration with management, customers, administration and operations, KYC teams, and compliance to remain current in laws, and global government regulations. Fluent with technology and Licensed in multiple financial accreditations and current in numerous financial and administrative software systems. Languages English and Spanish fluent command in business verbal and written.