I'm the CEO and co-founder of Arcanys, a full-service IT outsourcing provider in the Philippines. If you need any help building or scaling your software development team or you're looking for a tech partner, I'll be happy to get in touch with you. I have extensive experience in startups and innovations. In fact, Arcanys specializes in developing high-quality software for startups and established businesses in various industries and acts as an accelerator that boosts new ventures and business ideas. With my expertise, I simultaneously assume the following roles: Tech Entrepreneur Co-founder and CEO of Arcanys, a software development outsourcing firm in the Philippines Previously co-founded IGE/Affinity Media, an e-commerce company that reached over 1 million customers in 1 year, and raised more than 80 million USD from Goldman Sachs and other VC firms Startup Investor Assisted many startups in executing their software strategy fast and cost-efficiently, starting from seed stage to series A/B Provided many startups with software development and customer support services in exchange for equity Early Learning & Mentoring Advocate Mentoring startups, particularly in software development planning, staffing and strategy, product requirements and development, digital marketing strategy, and e-commerce operations Co-founder of ChildUp, a company that helps parents teach math and language skills to their preschool children Co-founder of Arcanys Early Learning Foundation, which has taught more than 100,000 math classes to 4,000+ underserved families in the Philippines.